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Coming Soon: Featured customers who let our expert seamstresses transform their wardrobe to their new bodies after signficant weight loss success

Have you ever wondered what people do with their wardrobe when they lose a significant amount of weight? Because we frequently encounter customers who have had enormous success with their weight loss goals, we thought it would be inspiring to our fans if we highlighted some of their stories.

New Era isn't just a place you go when you need dry cleaning, shoe repairs or a pair of jeans hemmed! We have been honored to be included in the transformations of the impressive successes of a number of customers who suddenly discover that they have nothing to wear. Maybe you are also facing such a challenge. We'll show you some before and after photos and give you examples of the kinds of clothes you may or may not want to have altered professionally.

A common question after people lose a great deal of weight is whether it's more cost-effective to buy new clothes or have existing wardrobes altered. In the end, the answer often lies in a case-by-case basis and it doesn't cost a dime to come in and get a free quote.

Come experience the difference!

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